Jim Webb/Tulsi Gabbard 2020

In 2010 I proposed a New Age of Jackson was arising with Sarah Palin (Sarah Palin and Andrew Jackson, the Hill, 7/10). I like this quote about it from one of her old sites:

My claim is that a new Jacksonian era will result: When the common folk in the heartland rise in prosperity, they will demand a more equitable economic and tax situation and a greater say in the messaging. And if America is to address and contain these critical economic issues, only a new Jacksonian figure – an indigenous folk hero loved in the heartland – can commandeer them. 
She, like Jackson, would be identified by the contempt she brings from the Eastern establishment’s salons and Hollywood, which still demands a say when the economic paradigm they speak for has shifted. Panic ensues. Systems degenerate. Seasoned writers become hacks. Artists become propagandists. Traditional “right” and “left” political distinctions become irrelevant. A new division occurs between “nationalists” and “federalists.”
Was right then and am right now. See the great movie Hell or High Water to view the rising Jackson archetype (and welcome to the Texas Century).
Today the Jackson idea is all the rage in reference to Trump – even with Time’s persona of him. But in this rising era 33 states have Republican governors in a temperament still rising: When they have 38 they will have enough not only for Texas Governor’s Greg Abbott’s constitutional convention but also to easily be a enough to ratify any changes in a completely red state convention. Which is why today important conservatives like in Congress like Steve King in Iowa and Kristy Noem in South Dakota do not want to be Senators. They want to be Governors. Because power is rising now in the states as per Jackson/Jefferson and away from Hamilton’s central dominance in NY and DC.
But Jackson and Jefferson belong to the Democrats and they must rise to it: Trump is the chaotic beginning of something that hasn’t formed yet; as John Brown was as Robespierre was as Bob Dylan was. It is just ahead and the only way the Democrats can grasp it is by returning to Jackson/Jefferson. Jim Webb best embodies the Jackson archetype and ethic: Jim Webb/Tulsi Gabbard 2020 should beat out Mike Pence/Nikki Haley 2020. 

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